Cares for Cars Foundation Inc.           
About the Program

Keystone Tire & Auto Repair Inc. has been a member of the Babylon Township Community since 1977, servicing all types of automotive repair needs, such as Tires, Brakes, Steering, Electrical, as well as Engine and Transmission services. Our services include oil changes to complete engine overhaul and we offer NYS Inspections.

We recently expanded to our new location across the street from Town Hall.  


Each month we would like to give something back to the community, by offering a member of the community, who has a hardship and is in need of automotive services, the opportunity to have their vehicle serviced by a member repair facility of Cares for Cars Foundation Inc., one time, free of charge through this foundation founded by President, Kevin Albinowski.


Cares for Cars Foundation Inc. will provide necessary repairs for your vehicle through its member shops, to bring it up to a safe and reliable standard mechanically. We will provide these repairs to a single head of household person or family at no cost to them.  This program is intended to help someone who would not have the means to repair this vehicle without additional hardship and will need these services to continue to care for one’s self, family, a sick family member, or to continue to work or seek employment.


Applications will be accepted the first week of each month postmarked the 1st through 7th.


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