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February, 2010

LI NEWS interviews Kevin & Lisa Albinowski, Founders of Cares for Cars Foundation, Inc. 

December, 2009 coverage for the Launch of Cares For Cars Foundation, Inc. program and the interview with Kevin Albinowski, President of Keystone Tire & Auto Repair, Inc. and Cyndi Poegel, interviewed with assessment of vehicle.


November, 2011

Recipient: Mrs. L

This month Mrs L. received a gift through Cares for Cars Foundation Inc.  The Foundation arranged to have Mrs. L's vehicle checked over for a serious stalling condition, which left her stranded and unable to drive the vehicle.  Keystone Tire & Auto Repair gave her vehicle a thorough diagnostic inspection, they found the problems and repaired her vehicle for her.  The parts were generously provided by Parts Authority Auto Parts.  Mrs. L was very appreciative for having her vehicle finally repaired and at no cost to her.  She will again be able to drive with confidence and security knowing that her vehicle will not fail her.

Mrs. L was also kind enough to leave the guys at Keystone a very generous size tray of baked goods.  They are guessing she made them herself with lots of love and care.


Recipient: Lettie Thomas

Lettie Thomas is the recipient of the Cares for Cars program. She received a repair then the following month her automobile had a major breakdown that could not be repaired.  Keystone Tire & Auto repair donated a vehicle that they fixed.

First Recipient: December 2009, Cyndi Poegel  and her children were the grateful recipients.

    Keystone Tire & Auto Repair, Inc. provided an initial inspection that determined her vehicle needed brakes, electrical system work, and other items to bring the car up to safety standards.   Cyndi was very appreciative of being the first recipient because her daughter Jackie, who is 6 years old, was diagnosed, two years ago with a rare form of leukemia requiring a bone marrow transplant.   Having a safe and dependable vehicle is so critical to Cyndi and Jackie because they need reliable transportation to and from her doctor’s appointments.  The generous contribution of parts for this repair was provided by Parts Authority, a large automotive parts supplier in New York.



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