Cares for Cars Foundation Inc.           
Program Eligibility:
Program Eligibility

Program:  The vehicle must be registered and insured by applicant and be head of household.

The income eligibility used is 50% of the median income level for Suffolk.
  • 1 person family -$35,650 max per yr.
  • 2 in family— $40,700 max per yr.
  • 3 in family—$45,800 max per yr.
  • 4 in family—$50,900 max per yr.
  • 5 in family—$54,950 max per yr.
  • 6 in family $59,050 max per yr.       

We may provide these services for your vehicle as long as the repairs are not more than the value of the vehicle.  We will provide services up to $2000.00 in retail value, based on our regular prices.  If the vehicle is available for any warranty work we will not repair these items, please explain. 

The vehicle must be the primary vehicle owned by recipient at least 6 months or an explanation if not.  The vehicle is not to be sold for at least 6 months from completion of services extenuating circumstances considered.  Vehicle owner will be required to sign waver releasing Keystone Tire & Auto Repair Inc. ,

Cares for Cars Foundation Inc. it's affiliates and the Town of Babylon from any and all Warranty, Department of Motor Vehicle, or Liability Claims, related to this free offering, 


Click on Cares for Cars Foundation Inc. Application & Information Form to open.


Complete the application form using the PDF fill-in-the-blank feature to complete the form.
When finished print the completed form.



Print the blank form the complete it by hand or typewriter.

Mail completed and signed form to:

Town of Babylon/Cares for Cars Foundation Inc.
c/o Councilman Thomas Donnelly
200 East Sunrise Hwy.
Lindenhurst, N.Y.  11757






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